Championships and Competitions


Above left: Dave Hanlon defeated Glen Cohen in the Men’s 21 up Handicap
Centre and right: Glen Cohen and John Batty defeated Stuart Cunningham and Wayne Barr in the Men’s Pairs
Below: Jan Dyer (right) defeating Carol Hoffman in the Ladies 15 end


Ladies 100 up

Marilyn Forrest and Trish Williams met in the final of the 100 Up Club Competition

which was a case of the very experienced verses the very inexperienced. But as is often the case in these handicapped events, by the time the game is finished the scores can be very close. Obviously the handicapper’s were on their game as the 103 to 92 result bears this comment out. Trish held her nerve very well as indeed her line at length, and despite the excellent game played by Marilyn held out for the win. This is a great effort and Trish will enjoy the win and as always Marilyn competed hard but just came up short on this occasion. Congratulations Trish and also to Marilyn on the win and runner ups prizes but also on the spirit in which the game was played.

John Newcombe (Marker) Trish Williams (Winner), Barrie Goldsbury (President), Marilyn Forrest (Runner up)

Mixed Pairs Competition

The final of the mixed club competition took place recently between Jan Dyer and Jim Kirk and Di Pollock and Hans Olierook. The form of all players is to be commended and the quality of bowls on display was as you would expect from division 1 pennant bowlers. It was Hans and Di that got away early and established a strong lead despite the polish of the other two. Unfortunately, at about the three quarter point in the match Jan felt very unwell and was unable to continue. A trip to the Hub was the result and it was a combination of dehydration and being hungry but gladly all was well very quickly with Jan. Congratulations to Di and Hans which makes two mixed pairs wins in three years for them and hopefully Jan and Jimmy will be back for another crack next season.

Di Pollock and Hans Olierook

Men’s 100 Up Final

Richard Poole and Glen Cohen played off in the 100 Up final recently and for three quarters of the game it was very close. The bowling on display was high quality and with Glen having a couple of strong ends he was able to kick away for a strong win. Congratulations to him on his win and also to Richard, well done.

Glen Cohen and Richard Poole

Ladies 21 Up Final 31 January 2020

The Ladies 21 Up final took place recently which saw Marlene Puncher and Marilyn Forrest, two of the clubs more experienced bowlers win through to the finals. Due to the very hot conditions the game started early and it was Marilyn who got off to a great start. Despite Marlene’s best effort and bowls she was unable to breach the gap, so it was Marilyn who went on to win 22 shots to 9. Congratulation to Marilyn on her win and for Marlene it was a great effort.

L-R Marilyn Forrest, Kevin Brown (Marker), Marlene Puncher

Men’s Minor Competition 19 January 2020

The final of the Minor competition was completed recently and Stuart Harvie and Patrick Ryan were the worthy finalists. This event is for those bowling members who have never won a club singles or pairs championship at any club. One might think this might lend itself to the bowls on display may be of lesser quality, well it must be said that the standard of bowls in the final was absolutely first class. And the evenness of the players was reflected in the fact that there was never more than three shots between them in the race to 25 shots. It was surely one of those games where it is said, it is unfortunate there has to be a loser, and in this case it was Patrick who lost 24 shots to 25. Congratulations to Stuart he played a fabulous game and certainly held his nerve at the end. Well done Patrick you participated in one of the great games.

Stuart Harvie, Winner and Patrick Ryan R/Up