Policies and Procedures

Club Policies and Procedures

The following are direct links to the Bowls Victoria Corporate Governance site. It was decided to take this option, and not develop Club specific Policies and Procedures, as the Club is bound by the following guidelines and any appeal to Bowls Victoria would be dealt with under the same guidelines. The other reason is that these guidelines can change but the links should not. These links will provide members with the latest information

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All members should read these documents so that they are aware of the contents as ignorance is no defence.

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Pennant Goals

The selectors in consultation with the players shall set goals for each pennant team during the season. The major goal of the Phillip Island Bowling Club is to achieve excellence in lawn bowls and strive to be the most successful club in all divisions. The minimum goal of the Club is to maintain the current standing of pennant teams in their respective grades.

Pennant team goals to be attached as an appendix as required.

Selection Philosophy

The Club aims are to select the best possible teams to represent the Club in the Pennant competition and to achieve it’s stated goals.


Selectors are appointed by members at the Bowls Section Annual Meeting and remain in office until the next Bowls Section Annual Meeting

The Saturday and Midweek Pennant shall have separate Selection Committees however both shall act in accordance with the following guidelines:-

Pennant Selection Committees shall be made up of the Chair of Selectors plus 2-4 selectors as appointed under the Club Constitution.

Role of the Chair

  • Arrange meetings of the selectors and oversee the selection process to ensure that it is fair and free from bias and discrimination. The chair should question any selection decision not inline with the selection philosophy.
  • In situations of late withdrawal of players after official teams have been announced the chair shall be responsible (through consultation with the appropriate selectors whenever possible) for rearranging sides in the best interests of the teams.
  • Delegate a selector to provide an up to date list of eligible pennant bowlers.
  • Arrange the posting of pennant teams on the Club pennant board and website.
  • Delegate a selector to each division to be the first contact for players with selection concerns or issues

Role of the Selectors

  • To select pennant teams based on the selection philosophy and criteria in an impartial and nondiscriminatory fashion.
  • To attend club practice sessions and club events whenever possible to assess form of players.
  • To assist the chair with any administrative duties relating to pennant sides.


Financial Full members of the Phillip Island Bowls Club who make themselves available for selection in the respective Pennant Competitions.

Selection Criteria

It is recognised that selection in bowls is subjective in nature nevertheless selectors shall apply the criteria to the best of their judgment.

The following criteria will be considered in team selection:

  • Player availability
  • Player performance, ability, competitiveness and current form as demonstrated in training, pennant and club and association events.
  • Player commitment to the pennant successes of the Phillip Island Bowling Club demonstrated by his/her willingness to practice and improve skills and through providing leadership and advice to other players.
  • Team balance and compatibility recognising that a spread of particular skills are needed across all divisions.
  • The need to develop demonstrated potential or to provide experience.

Factors which may effect a players selection

  • Player availability/ unavailability.
  • A players commitment for the full season and his/her availability for selection in any division will be favorably regarded.
  • Players who become unavailable for any reason will not automatically be selected in the same position or division upon their return.
  • Players must advise of any unavailable dates (by posting on the pennant board) as soon as they are known. Players who make themselves unavailable at short notice (except for a good reason) will not be viewed favorably.
  • Players who limit who they will or won’t play with, or in what position (except for medical reasons ) or division they must be selected in as a condition of their availability, adversely risk effecting their own selection outcome.

Selection Meetings and Posting Teams

  • Saturday Pennant

The Saturday Pennant Selectors shall meet on a Monday preceding Pennant competitions; teams to be posted no later than 7.30pm on the Saturday selection board and on the website the next day.

  • Midweek Pennant

The Midweek Pennant selectors shall meet on the Thursday preceding Pennant competition; teams shall be posted no later than 7.30pm on the Midweek Selection board and on the website the same day.

It is up to players to consult team sheets posted on the notice board at the Club or on the internet. Players are expected to accept the teams selected to represent the Club.

Grievance Procedure

It is important for all players to realise that they represent the Club when playing pennant. Open criticism of selectors is not permitted. Should any player feel that they have cause for grievance then they have the right of appeal.

NOTE: If a player is not prepared to formally complain to the selectors then the matter is not to be discussed amongst players.

Player Appeals

– Any player will be welcome to discuss his/her selection with the relevant selection committee by seeking a mutually acceptable appointed time in advance.

NOTE: Raising disputes with individual selectors immediately before a match or at the bar or pennant board is not appropriate behavior. Players who do this run the risk of incurring disciplinary action.

The only grounds of appeal against a selection decision will be where an aggrieved player can provide evidence that the decision of the selectors is not in accordance with the stated selection criteria. Any appeal against Pennant selection must be directed to the Bowls Section President within 24 hours of becoming aware of the issue. The Bowls Section President will act as a mediator between the player and the selectors and attempt to negotiate a speedy resolution. Should the matter remain unresolved the player may request to take the appeal to the Board of Management. Any decision of the Board of Management will remain final.

Player Behavior

-The Bowls Club Chairman and/or the Chair of Selectors shall have the right to recommend disciplinary action to the Committee should a player not uphold the behavior expected of a member of the Club while representing the Phillip Island Bowling Club and the Controlling Body.

It is important that individuals refrain from criticising others including selectors and team members.


  • In lower divisions players may be asked to rotate availability in order to give all members the opportunity to play during the season.

Equal Opportunity

Saturday Pennant is “open”and players are to be selected on ability regardless of gender.

Midweek Pennant is “open” but with restrictions placed by Strzelecki that men shall be restricted in playing in certain positions.

Further Considerations

Pennant Selections can cause problems with much unhappiness amongst players. To improve matters the following will be considered:

  1. Developing an interview sheet covering all aspects of each individual bowler.
  2. Interview each bowler using interview sheet to record brief history of pennant, preferred team and/or position, aspirations for the future and any other relevant matter.
  3. Develop a system of measuring performance each week.

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