Policies and Procedures


To ensure that all Club to ensure that all members are aware of the Club’s Policies and Procedures.

Club Policies and Procedures

The following are direct links to the Bowls Victoria Corporate Governance site. It was decided to take this option, and not develop Club specific Policies and Procedures, as the Club is bound by the following guidelines and any appeal to Bowls Victoria would be dealt with under the same guidelines. The other reason is that these guidelines can change but the links should not. These links will provide members with the latest information

To go to the relevant section place your cursor over the relevant “Click to Access” line and press the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard.

All members should read these documents so that they are aware of the contents as ignorance is no defence.

Guidelines for Disciplinary Action

Code of Conduct

Child Safe Policy

Equal Opportunity – Anti Discrimination – Anti Harassment – Bullying Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Smoke Free Policy

Privacy Policy

Risk Management Policy

Social Media Policy

Weather Policy