Honour Roll

Below are Life Members, Singles Champions and Pennant Wins. For a complete list of office bearers refer to the boards in the clubrooms.

Life Members
Singles Champions
Pennant Wins

Life Members

Ern Booth*
Reta Booth*
Joe Gains*
Evelyn Gains
Charlie Strong*
Ron Topliffe*
Kevin Wagner
Robin Blackman
Daryl Major*
Les Sheppard*
Ken Linton
John Batty
John Newcombe
Maureen Oates
Peter Forrest

1964-65J K McKenzieL Reeves
1965-66J K McKenzieR Booth
1966-67A SedgemanP Evans
1967-68R SandersL Reeves
1968-69R R NivenL Reeves
1969-70C H OwenR Booth
1970-71R R NivenL Reeves
1971-72A M MurphyP Stoppa
1972-73F FeyR Booth
1973-74W L HooperR Booth
1974-75K W SteeleR Jackson
1975-76F FeyE Boadle
1976-77H R McDonaldT Steele
1977-78H R McDonaldR Booth
1978-79H R McDonaldE Boadle
1979-80K M LaccoN Chalmers
1980-81V R EvansR Booth
1981-82W J McDonaldN Chalmers
1982-83V R EvansR Booth
1983-84M L DohertyD Davey
1984-85R F SollyE Boadle
1985-86R F SollyD Davey
1986-87C WoodsR Booth
1987-88M L DohertyE DeVries
1988-89F NeagleN Chalmers
1989-90M L DohertyK Mitz
1990-91M L DohertyE DeVries
1991-92M L DohertyE DeVries
1992-93R K HuddleP Philmore
1993-94P BrownR James
1994-95R BlackmanE DeVries
1995-96W DeVriesE DeVries
1996-97D MajorP Philmore
1997-98I BarrengerP Philmore
1998-99T BreasleyR James
1999-2000W DeVriesR James
2000-01N BuckleyP Philmore
2001-02T BreasleyV Collins
2002-03H OlierookE DeVries
2003-04B GriffithsV Collins
2004-05H SpencerR James
2005-06R AstburyD Wagner
2006-07D MajorV Collins
2007-08J BattyI Sheppard
2008-09K WagnerR Allan
2009-10D LendanH Crewdson
2010-11D LendanH Crewdson
2011-12D HanlonR James
2012-13A DennyP Francis
2013-14I FergusonP Francis
2014-15P ForrestL May
2015-16P ForrestJ Dyer
2016-17H OlierookP Francis
2017-18P ForrestP Francis
2018-19R MayD Reynolds
2019-20J NewcombeJ Dyer
2020-21H OlierookM Puncher
2021-22D MajorS Read
2022-23D MajorS Read

Pennant Wins
1967-68Ladies Pennant B Grade
1971-72Ladies Pennant B Grade
1977-78Men’s Pennant B Grade
1978-79Ladies Pennant A Grade
1980-81Men’s Pennant Division 3
1982-83Men’s Pennant Division 3
1983-84Ladies Pennant B Grade
Ladies Pennant C Grade
1984-85Ladies Pennant A Grade
1994-95Ladies Pennant Division 2
Men’s Pennant Division 4
2003-04Men’s Pennant Division 4
2003-05Men’s Pennant Division 5
2006-07Men’s Pennant Division 1
Men’s Pennant Division 5
2008-09Men’s Pennant Division 4
2009-10Men’s Pennant Division 3
Men’s Pennant Division 4
2011-12Men’s Pennant Division 1
Men’s Pennant Division 4
2012-13Men’s Pennant Division 1
2013-14Saturday Pennant Division 2
2014-15Saturday Pennant Division 1
2015-16Saturday Pennant Division 1
2016-17Saturday Pennant Division 3
2017-18Saturday Pennant Division 1
Midweek Pennant Division 1
2018-19Saturday Pennant Division 4
2019-20Saturday Pennant Division 1
Midweek Pennant Division 2
2020-21Saturday Pennant Division 2
Saturday Pennant Division 5
2021-22Saturday Pennant Division 4