Social Bowls News

4 March 2020

Ray Pepper, Joan Farmer and Reg Excell won the Thursday Social comp

Social Bowls 5 March 2020

Thursday social bowls this week saw two visitors from the UK courtesy of a visiting cruise ship join the regulars, which was great to see. Lino Micallef with Shirley Weaver and Harry Bowman were the only two game winners on the day so took the top prize. In the runners up position were Alan Price, Jim Murray, Reg Excell who was welcomed back after time off with illness and Errol Bradford.

Harry Bowman, Shirley Weaver, Lino Micallef

Social Bowls 27 February 2020

Thursday social bowls this week saw the first competitive game for three of our new bowlers, so a big welcome to them. It was Lou Bellino, Ron Aweer and Steve Barber who won the day from Ed Hislop with Tony Steward, Joan Farmer and Ron Goolsma.

Social Bowls 19 February 2020

Twenty seven bowlers turned up on a fine and sunny Thursday to enjoy a game of social bowlswith the team of Alan Price, Lyn Rogerson Michael Haack, Bev Emmett and Lyn Rogerson edging into the runners up position. But it was the team of Terry Dawes, Faye Jamieson, Ron Rogers along with Norm Trickey winning the day, congratulations folks.

Terry Dawes, Faye Jamieson, Ron Rogers

Thursday Social Bowls February 2020

Thursday social bowls were small in numbers this week but big on intent, and it was the evergreen Eric wild who led Alan Price and Faye Jamieson to two wins plus 33 shots which was good enough to win the day. In the runners-up position was the team of Ed Hislop, Tony Steward and Jim Murray with plus 18 shots.

Eric Wild, Faye Jamieson, Alan Price

Social Bowls 12 February 2020

Not sure why but fifteen bowlers played Thursday social bowls on a very hot afternoon, agh yes we do know why, they are bowlers. With two wins and 29 points it was Alan Price, Jackie McFarlane, Lyn Rogerson and Graeme White who won the day. In runners-up position with 19 points were Ed Hislop, Tony Steward and Neville Stevens.

L-R Graeme White, Jackie McFarlane, Lyn Rogerson and Alan Price

Social Bowls this week saw 32 hardy bowlers experience the wind, rain and on occasions the sun. Included in this number were two new bowlers to the club so we welcome them and hope they enjoy their bowling journey. Terry Dawes, Barb Moloney and Harry Bowman with 32 points won the day from the team of Robyn Eames, Michael Haack and Mario Micallef with 31 points.

Terry Dawes, Barb Moloney and Harry Bowman

Thursday Social Bowls 6 February 2020

Twenty two bowlers faced off this week at Thursday social bowls and enjoyed a fabulous day in sunny but humid conditions. With a win and draw for a total of 25 points in the runners-up position was the team of Ed Hislop, Paul Bean, Tony Steward and Bev Emmet. Taking away the win was the Alan Price led team of Marlene Puncher, Eric Wild and Shirley Weaver with two wins and 31 points. It is great to see so many out enjoying the amenities of our club.

Shirley Weaver, Eric Wild, Alan Price, Marlene Puncher

Social Bowls 17 January 2020

The details of social bowls this week are not available suffice to say the winners were the team of Ray Pepper, ?, Harry Bowman and Warren Honkey, and it was great to see Warren on the green again.

Ray Pepper, Unknown, Harry Bowman, Warren Honkey

Social Bowls 8 January 2020

Thursday social bowlers was in fact played on Wednesday due to monthly triples on Thursday and with visitors from Warrnambool joining the locals, a great day was had by all. With 33 points Tony Steward, Eric Wild, Jim Murray and Matt Fleming from Warrnambool were the winners. Just 2 points shy of them in the runners-up position was the team of Kate Lloyd from Warrnambool, Neville Stevens, Inga Royce who were led by Ray Pepper.

Matt Fleming, Tony Steward, Eric Wild, Jim Murray

Social Bowls 4 January 2020

Of course we cannot let a Saturday go by without a game of bowls and so it was last Saturday with twenty four bowling fanatics fronting up for a game of 2-4-2. Across the two games there were only two teams who won both games, and in third place with a win and draw was the team of Bob Carter and Denis Oakley. In second place was the team of George Mol and Brian Legg with plus 15 shots while the winners on the day with plus 18 shots were Jack Bell and Garry Salomons.

Jack Bell, Garry Sallomons

Social Bowls 2 January 2020

Twenty eight bowlers welcomed in the New Year with a game of social bowlers last Thursday and with visitors from Waverley golf bowls club it was a day of mixed feelings with so many fellow Victorians doing it very tough. With current club singles champion Jan Dyer teaming up with regular winner Harry Bowman the other teams were up against it and that is the way it turned out with their two wins and 34 points winning the day. But the team of Graeme Key and Shirley pushed them all the way with two wins and 33 points.

Jan Dyer, Harry Bowman