Bowls Section Office Bearers


Ken Linton    5952 1657

Ray Pepper         0407 690 1

Richard Poole        0437 383 006

Committee Members
Paul Bean
Carol Hoffman
Jimmy Kirk
Julie Pora

Match Committee
Ash Alibone (Chairperson)
John Batty
Gwenda Arnold
Alan Beddows
Brian Legg
Colin Binch
Trevor Gibson
Dave Hoffman
Merrilyn King
Ray Pepper
Trish Williams

Saturday Pennant Selectors
John Newcombe (Chairperson)
John Batty
Glen Cohen
Joe Korda
Hans Olierook

Tuesday Pennant Selectors
Richard Poole (Chairperson)
Pat Davis
Jan Dixon
Phyllis Major
Dorothy Wagner

Tournament Director
Bryan Arnold 0439 969 200
Robin Blackman     0432 814 407

Corporate Bowls Co-ordinators
George Mol
Trish Williams

Welfare Officers
Ken Gray 5952 2919 or 0433 259 301
If anyone from the club that you know is sick or in need of help, could you please let either Jacqui or Ken know . 

Barrie Goldsbury
Maureen Oates

Umpires / Coaches Co-ordinator
Ian Diss

New Bowlers Recruitment Officers
George Mol   0407 851 065